Eliminator - 06/04/2018


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 25acre
  • Type of Lake Day Tickets & Membership
  • Fish Stock 30,000+
  • Biggest Fish 35lb 06oz
  • Telephone 01675 444890
  • Visit Venue Website

This lake will be sectioned into 6 groups of 4 with 1st place in each section to qualify.


Returning to the BCAC is Barston Lakes it\\\’s an all round Fishing venue at the West Midlands Golf Club in Solihull, between Coventry, Birmingham, Leamington and Warwick.  We have the 124 peg, 25 acre Barston Lake which holds Carp to 37lb. Anglers are allowed to use the golf clubhouse which means we have some of the best catering facilities located at a fishery in the country.  There is a bar open from 7am,  food available during daylight hours to eat in or take away, and toilets and showers available.

Barston Lakes opened as a commercial fishery in 2003 and has earned a reputation of holding good stocks of Carp since its initial stocking back in 2002. These fish have been supplemented with more than 30,000 small Common and Mirror Carp and 750 Naseby Reservoir fish.  In addition to two of our well known fish, the scar (Heron Scar) recently weighed in at 28lb 9oz, and Yellow Tail (24lb), In January 2014, two fish were brought in from a Manor House pool in Kent, at the time of introduction they weighed 30lb and 37lb and have both been caught several times, the biggest of the two first being taken by George Johnson from Coventry.  The fish was scanned and weighed in at 35lb 6oz.


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Post Match Report

This weekends’ Super eliminator was held at Barston Lakes in Birmingham. The 20 Pairs arrived for the draw at 7am Friday morning and all eagerly awaited to hear their names being called. First out of the draw was Rob and Brad Greening choosing peg A4, this would prove to be a very good choice from the brothers. After all the names were called out and the sections filled, the anglers headed to their swims to get themselves ready.

The hooter went at 9am and the match was on. Within the first 15 minutes of the match Steve Blow and Jack Funnel in peg ____ had a few fish for us to weigh in, unfortunately their quick runs wouldn’t last all that long with only a couple more coming out throughout the day.

The Greenings got off to a strong start with 8 fish weighed in by 1pm and these runs would continue with another 8 fish by the end of the day.

By the Friday evening we had most pairs off the mark; A1 Ian Beedell & Paul Poynter with 3 fish, A2 Nick Singleton & Danny Clarke with 8 fish, B1 Rob Burgess & Joe Atkinson with 14 fish, B4 Mark Kempshall & Mark Foster with 1 fish, C3 Sean Dulson & Lee Simms 4 fish,  D2 Simon Wheeler & Mark Wayer D4 Jack Funnell &Steve Blow both with 6 fish, E1 Matthew Eden & Jake Dale 1 fish, E2 Ryan Green & Daniel Townsend with 4 fish, E4 Ste Alford & Dean Crust 2 fish and F1 Martin Free & Sean Mayo F3 Paul Gordon & Vernon Kearl both on 2 fish.

Saturday morning saw a few fish out across the lake but two pairs had certainly made the most of their water throughout the night, Rob and Brad Greening had landed 24 fish giving them a 190lb lead on second in their section, a gap that would only grow as the match went on. The second pair was rob Burgess and Joe Atkinson in B section having landed 33 fish for a total weight of 329lb! The fight was on in F section, there had been less fish out however with only 1lb separating F2 Karl Palmer & Darren Wilcox and F3 Aul Gordon & Vernon Kearl it was very tense.

The fishing slowed down massively after this and the lunchtime update only saw a change to 3 pairs catching, A4 Greening Brothers, B1 Burgess & Atkinson and E2 Green & Townsend.

Come the evening not much had changed across the lake; the Greenings were still very comfortably at the top of A section, as were Burgess & Atkinson in B section, Sean Dulson & Lee Simms had taken the lead in C section, Funnel & Blow had a 40lb lead in D section, E sections Green & Townsend had weighed in a few more fish to get them sitting safely on top, and F section the battle was still on between F2 & F4.

By Sunday morning A 4 had secured their place at the top, as had B1. Dulson & Simms in C3 had bagged a few more fish giving them a comfortable lead, the same went for Funnell & Blow in D4. Green & Townsend had managed to put a massive gap between them and others in section E, and at the sound of the hooter the battle in F section was won by 10lbs and went to Palmer & Wilcox in F2.

Barston didn’t fish as well as we thought it would but the anglers put in the hard work and had some long nights to produce fish and make it a great match.