Final - 14/09/2018


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 45 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 500 carp
  • Biggest Fish Common 43lb+ Mirror 48lb+
  • Features Numerous
  • Telephone 0207 5340540
  • Visit Venue Website


By the 1980s and 1990s, W1 was gaining a legendary status for its big carp, serving up a succession of beasts weighing anything from the 40 mark to a massive 56lb+. W1-Wraysbury Nature Reserve is one of Britain’s most historic carp fisheries. Nestled near the village of Wraysbury in Surrey, the crystal waters of its lake provide a dream environment for superb colonies of common and mirror carp. W1’s glittering history suggests big rewards for your time and patience. Since the 1960’s, the water has seen many a record-breaking carp landed. Most celebrated was the 1996 capture of long-term resident Mary at a whopping British record of 56lb 6oz. Along with other iconic specimens such as Mallins and King Fungus, monster Mary is indelibly linked with this magical water – turning it from a lake into the stuff of angling legend. W1 has over 10 different 40+ Ib fish including ‘King Fungus’ at a whopping 47+ Ib. Is the best still to come?

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