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imgp051013043288_1153385778039194_4781770774644447529_nWelcome to the British Carp Angling Championships one of the most prestigious and historic carp fishing competitions in the worldwide angling calendar.

It has paved the way for many anglers to take the limelight and boosted fishing careers. We host qualifiers at a number of fantastic carp waters across the country that suit a variety of fishing styles and techniques, with the final being held at one of the most historic venues in the country!

Every year has thrown up surprises and we don’t doubt that this year will be just as nail biting as the rest. On entering our 20th year we have once again gained the support of so many great angling companies and continue to build relationships to get our competitors some awesome prizes!

You chose 1 Round to enter, which will enter you into 1 semi final. The letter next to each of the qualifying round relates to which of the semi-finals that you would fish should you qualify, so please consider this when choosing your qualifying venue. It is £430 to enter the 2018 event. For more information on the running of the event please click here.

Not only will you have the chance of being crowned British Champions and get to take home the famous trophy but you will also be getting your hands on cash prizes;

1st Place £20,000

2nd Place £3,000

3rd Place £2,000


Daiwa DCR


Daiwa DCR will be providing two sets of 3 Basia Custom Reels, worth £3500, to our 2018 Champions




SpottedFin will be providing prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd place at each qualifier

Reuben Heaton


Reuben Heaton have been a long time sponsor of the BCAC by providing the scales for the matches and two personalised silvered scale, exclusive to the BCAC, to our Champions

Bait Bucket

logo 3

Bait Bucket will be giving everyone that enters a 25% voucher code for discount when shopping online or in store

Hobo Armour


Hobo Armour is our new clothing sponsor and will be providing uniforms for our marshal as well as T-Shirts for our 17 Finalists


Carp Team England 


Winners will be awarded a place in the 2019 Carp Team England Squad.



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